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shortwaves - Catch a wave ~ Logs

Some logs.
HCJB Australia, 15400 kHz, 1028, ID in English and Chinese: "This is HCJB
Australia...", SINPO: 35444, June 11
Radio Osterreich International, 13730 kHz, 1158, German, SINPO: 55555, about
danger disease, June 9
Radio Bulgaria, 11700 kHz, 1145, English, SINPO: 25111, June 9
Radio Bulgaria, 15700 kHz, 1055, German, SINPO: 55545, about digital
broadcasting, June 11
Croatian Radio, 9830 kHz, 1155, Croatian, SINPO: 35433, June 9
Croatian Radio, 9830 kHz, 1038, Croatian, OM talks and later chorus, June 11
Radio Liberty, 9520 kHz, 1120, Russian, SINPO:55555, elections in the USA,
June 9
Radio Liberty, 15130 kHz, 1146, Russian, SINPO: 55555, Olympics in Sochi,
June 9
Radio Liberty, 15130 kHz, 1053, Russian, SINPO: 55555, about Alexey Agi,
June 11
BBC WS, 11760 kHz, 1024, English, SINPO: 15221, June 11
Radio Netherlands, 15110 kHz, 1042, English, SINPO: 55545, about Jazz
festival, June 11
Radio Rossii, 13665 kHz, 1048, Russian, SINPO: 55555, humanitarian aid, June
Radio Farda, 15690 kHz, 1153, Persian, SINPO: 55555, ID and Persian pop
music, June 9
Radio Farda, 15690 kHz, 1036, Persian, SINPO: 55545, 2 OM talks - for many
times was mentioned word "energy", June 11
Radio Farda, 21715 kHz, 1037, Persian, SINPO: 35433, //15690, June 11
BBC WS, 15310 kHz, English, 1021, SINPO: 45333, Pakistani soldiers were
killed, June 11
Radio Japan, 11710 kHz, Russian, 1139, SINPO: 54454, high oil prices in
Japan, June 11
Yuri Dimbovsky,
Riga, Latvia


I have received from the Italian Posts the special philatelic stamp
with Guglielmo Marconi from the 30th radio exposure of Montichiari (BS).
The picture with the special card to commemorate the 100 years of the
first transoceanic transmisison is available here:

73's Francesco
> BONAIRE Radio Netherlands Intl-RNI Relay 5975 0423
> Dutch 333 June 8 YL and OM with comments.
> Mackenzie-CA.
> RWANDA Vouice of Germany-DW Relay 7245 0432 English
> 333 June 8 Two OMs with Sports updates. Mackenzie-CA.
> SPAIN Radio Exterior Espana-REE 6055 0426 Spanish
> 444 June 8 Two OMs with ongoing comments.
> Mackenzie-CA.
> UNITED STATES WWCR 3185 0336 English 232 June 8
> Two OMs with comments on Watch America program. WWCR ID at
> 0345 by an OM. Mackenzie-CA.
> UNITED STATES WWRB 5050 OM with religous comments. OM
> with an ID at 0358 as WWRB and suddenly off the air.
> MacKenzie-CA.
> UNITED STATES Station Unknown 5110 0403 English 232
> June 8 OM preaching about God. Mackenzie-CA.
> UNITED STATES World Harvest Radio=WHR 5850 0408
> English 333 June 8 OM with religous comments.
> MacKenzie-CA.
> UNITED STATES Station Unknown 5875 0415 English 444
> June 8 Norm Miller with Battery Ads. Top Ten Christian Pop
> music. OM ancr and no ID's were heard. Mackenzie-CA.
> Propagation suddenly was good this day. Tis usualy an all
> Noise section but the next few hours were good with
> propagation up to the 15 mHz band.
> AUSTRALIA Radio Australia-Shepparton-RA 15515 0428
> English 444 June 14 Two OMs at a sports event, possible
> futbal. //15240 [333] Shepparton and 13690 [322]
> Shepparton. Mackenzie-CA.
> CUBA China Radio Intl Relay-CRI 9790 0452 Chinese
> 433 June 14 YL and OM with comments. MacKenzie-CA.
> ECUADOR HCJB Global 9745 0454 Spanish 444 June 14
> Vocal choir music. OM ancr and YL 0458. Then more music. OM
> ancr 0459. Then more music. MacKenzie-CA.
> NEW ZEALAND Radio New Zealand Intl-RNZI 15720 0424
> English 444 June 14 Two YLs with comments and
> interviewing an OM on construction jobs. OM with Sports
> News about Tiger Woods on Sports Media. Next was a WX
> report by a YL. //9615 [444]. MacKenzie-CA.
> RUSSIA, Petropavlovsk Voice of Russia-VOR 13635 0440
> English 333 June 14 Two YLs with comments and an OM at
> other times. //9860 [333]Vatican State. MacKenzie-CA.
> SAIPAN Radio Free Asia-RFA 17615 0420 Chinese 322
> June 14 Two OMs with comments. MacKenzie-CA.
> UNITED STATES WHRI 17800 0410 English 444 June 14
> Vocal music. OM with an ID 0413. OM with a sermon about the
> Garden of Eden at 0415. Mackenzie-CA.
> UNITED STATES Radio Taiwan Intl Relay-RTI via WYFR 9680
> 0503 Chinese 444 June 14 YL with comments. //5950
> [444]via WYFR-Florida MacKenzie-CA.
> Propagation has been very good on this date of June
> 14th. More logs to be posted in the next few days. Good
> Listening and DX!!!
> Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
> Huntington Beach, California, USA
> "World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where
> Culture and Language Come Alive"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Springbok Radio is back

14 June 2008

Springbok Radio is back! If you can remember what a wireless is, you probably remember Springbok Radio. If you can recall the Jet Jungle or Squad Cars jingles, this is your lucky day. Springbok Radio was one of the most beloved and successful commercial radio stations in South African history.
Thanks to the Springbok Radio Preservation Society of South Africa, favourite programmes such as Squad Cars, Lux Radio Theatre, Taxi, The Epic Casebook, The Men From The Ministry, The Sounds Of Darkness, and The Creaking Door, will be heard again when the society launches its Internet radio service on July 1. The new service will operate 24 hours a day, repeating a six-hour compilation of programmes four times daily. Programming will change on a daily basis. There would also be new programming that would include popular music and variety shows, and concentrate on nostalgia. For the past 21 years the society had been collecting, restoring and archiving over 20 000 original Springbok Radio programmes.
The Internet Radio Service of will be on the
society's Web site.

On 1 May 1950, the first commercial radio station in South Africa, Springbok Radio took to the airwaves broadcasting in both English and Afrikaans. This followed almost 5 years of intense investigation by the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and after consultations with both Lord Reith of the BBC and the South African Government it was decided to introduce
commercial radio in South Africa to supplement the SABC's existing public service English and Afrikaans networks.
The first voice heard on the air that morning was that of Eric Egan. Eric would be well remembered for his daily "Corny Crack" and catch phrase "I Looooveee Yoouuu". Many of the drama programmes during the 1950s were imported from Australia but as time moved on and more funding became available, Springbok Radio produced almost all of its programmes within
South Africa through a network of independent production houses. However, in the eighties the SABC ended up killing off many of these independent production houses by producing most of the programmes itself.
Backing up the apartheid system's segregationist policies, no black voices were ever heard on Springbok Radio. If on the rare occasion a black character was introduced into the storyline of one of the station's hastily slapped together entertainment productions, they would be portrayed by a (poorly paid) white actor. And by the mid seventies, at the height of Separate Development, there were no black policemen or criminals in the South Africa as reflected in Squad Cars, for instance.
In 1976 television was launched in South Africa and this was followed by television commercials in 1978. Commercial TV was the major factor in the demise of Springbok Radio, which closed on 31 December 1985.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pacific Radio 50 years ago in 1958

Radio Broadcasting in the Pacific
A Look Back 50 Years to 1958
RNZI Mailbox Documentary May 26

50 years ago, the last of the American baby boomers was born, and radio
broadcasting was still in its infancy in most parts of the Pacific.

Australia and New Zealand had a combined population of about 12.3m people
and shared only 2.6m radio receivers amongst them. The ABC was about to end
experimental FM broadcasts in the main centers, and the only FM station in
the entire Pacific region was KAIM-FM in Honolulu.

The most powerful island shortwave radio station was Radio Tahiti, serving
75,000 local listeners in the year that General Charles de Gaulle became
French president and Sputnik 1 fell to earth.

Shortwave broadcasting was also the only form of radio in the Cook Islands,
New Caledonia and Dutch New Guinea. In Western Samoa, 2AP was celebrating
its tenth anniversary. No stations broadcast in Tonga or the New Hebrides
Condominium and only a few hours daily came from the new stations in the
Gilbert & Ellice Islands Colony and the British Solomon Islands

US Armed Forces Radio stations left over from World War 2 were still on the
air on islands like Midway, Johnston, Eniwetok, and Kwajalein, and the
relatively new Fiji Broadcasting Commission was still using shortwave radio
from VRH4 Suva.

Papua was served by just one station, 9PA Port Moresby, and KUAM was the
sole station on Guam. On tiny Canton Island, KIBS of the Hermit Crab Network
entertained airport staff at the lonely stop over point for the new
trans-Pacific jet services of Qantas and Canadian Pacific Airlines.

Listen to Mailbox on RNZI on Monday May 26 as David Ricquish of the Radio
Heritage Foundation takes listeners back to the world of Pacific radio 50
years ago in 1958.

Original theme music from popular British radio shows of the era, such as
'Housewives Choice', 'Desert Island Discs' and 'Family Favourites' also
features in this radio heritage documentary.

Visit for shortwave frequencies and times, and to download an
audio version of the program that remains available on line for four weeks
from May 26.

You can also download the previous documentary, exploring contemporary radio
in Fiji, Nauru and the Solomon Islands. This is available from the May 12
Mailbox program audio also at

For more information about early days of broadcasting in the Pacific,
including stories and images and the popular Art of Radio Hawaii on line
exhibition, visit An online version of the program
script along with images will be available later.

Full searchable lists of operating AM and shortwave stations in the Pacific
are available free on line in the Pacific Asian Log Radio Guides. An FM
guide will be available shortly. Visit to access the
current guides today.

The Radio Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization connecting the
heritage of radio broadcasting and popular culture across the Pacific. Our
website is

Radio New Zealand International is the award winning shortwave broadcaster
serving the Pacific from Wellington, New Zealand since 1948,

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DW Newslink June Quiz

Newslink Quiz - June

Your chance to win a radio or an MP3 Player!

Austria and Switzerland jointly host the European football championships this month. The two Alpine countries are popular tourist destinations - famous for their beautiful landscape.

This month on Newslink we're looking for the name of the main character of a novel set in the Swiss Alps…

Is it

Alice in Wonderland



Pippi Longstocking?

If you know the answer, send it to or to Deutsche Welle, English Service 53110 Bonn, Germany or as a text message to + 49 160 148 1000


You can win a shortwave radio or an mp3 player. Good luck!


Swopan Chakroborty
Kolkata, India