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The Shortwave Report 11/21/08 Listen Globally!

The Shortwave Report 11/21/08 Listen Globally!
by Dan Roberts ( outfarpress(at) )
Thursday Nov 20th, 2008 4:49 PM
A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. China, Netherlands, Cuba, and Russia.
Dear Radio Friend,
The latest Shortwave Report (November 21) is up at the website in both broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quickdownload or streaming form (4.9MB) (28:59)
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This week's show features stories from China Radio International, Radio Netherlands, Radio Havana Cuba, and the Voice of Russia.
From CHINA- The Chinese President is visiting Cuba and other Latin American nations, signing cooperation and trade deals- he also delivered significant aid to Cuba for hurricane relief. China announced energy conservation plans as a means of reducing climate change. China has denied that it plans to send troops to Afghanistan, though it has peace keepers in the DRC. Rebels in the DRC appear to be pulling back as promised, but refugee camps remain full. The Israeli transportation minister has called for targeted killings of Hamas members in Palestine. The UN is looking at the growing problem of pirates off the coast of Somalia.
From NETHERLANDS- Radio Netherlands has eliminated shortwave broadcasts to North America. The decision is based on their surveys that find very few listeners in N America. If you ever listen to RN on shortwave, please let them know- by email to letters [at] or send them a letter to Radio Netherlands Worldwide, PO Box 222, 1200JG, Hilversum, The Netherlands.
The Indian Navy sunk a Somali pirate ship on Wednesday, and the EU is developing a military operation to protect ships in the region. After a brief opening, Israel resealed the borders of the Gaza Strip despite severe food and fuel shortages- Palestinian fishing boats are being attacked by the Israeli Navy.
From CUBA- Cuba has signed a number of trade agreements and loan deferrals with the visiting Chinese President. Bolivian President Evo Morales addressed the UN, saying that neo-liberalism and capitalism were responsible for the global economic crisis. A retiring Law Lord in England has described the invasion of Iraq as a serious violation of international law, and many in Parliament are seeking an independent inquiry into the events.
From RUSSIA- A commentary on Barack Obama's development of a national security team and policy, and his hopes to restore America's moral stature in the world.
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¡FurthuR! Dan Roberts
--"I like the dreams of the future rather than the history of the past."
--Thomas Jefferson

Ethiopia: Ginbot 7 radio program jammed

Tests commence for new DW/BBC DRM service due to launch next year

BBC World Service and Deutsche Welle have announced plans to launch a joint radio service to Europe on DRM shortwave. The new stream, which will be entirely in English, is expected to go live in early 2009. It will be available from early morning till late at night targeting Western and Central Europe and a potential audience of 170 million listeners with global news and current affairs and a rich mix of in-depth analysis, documentaries and cultural programs. The service will provide a multimedia offer of audio and text, the latter coming automatically from the BBC News website.

Erik Bettermann, Director General at Deutsche Welle, said: "It is great that two of the world's most established broadcasters can work together on a project of this scale. This is an exciting venture that will offer European listeners top class content and provides the perfect opportunity to reintroduce listeners to DRM."

Media Network contributor Christopher Lewis reported this morning "0858 UTC. I am currently listening to BBC and DW Test (the text as appeared on the display) on 9610 kHz DRM. I am not sure where the transmission is being relayed from, but signal is steady, with stereo audio. Programming is featuring reports about the environment, agriculture, sciences etc. Test continues at 0900 on 9610 khz, opening with a bulletin of DW news in English."

In fact, the transmission on 9610 was from Sines, Portugal. In the DRM Sofware Radio Forums, the complete schedule is given for the tests which will continue at 0500-2300 UTC today, tomorrow and Thursday. There are also tests scheduled on mediumwave 1296 kHz at 0500-0700 and 1700-2300 UTC. Visit below for the full schedule. 

(Source: DRM Consortium)

BBC & DW Joint Test Transmission

Hi all,

today, wed and thu BBC & DW will be testing a new joint schedule. The transmission schedule is as follows, please let us know how it works and what you like and don't like:


start end freq Station power Azim Antenna days Prog Mode Audio Source 05:00 07:00 3995 SINES 90 40 HR 1/1/0.50 1234567 BBC B ENEUR 07:00 08:00 6130 SINES 90 45 HR 4/4/0.80 1234567 DW B DW02 07:00 08:00 6195 SKELTON 100 150 HR 2/1/0.50 1234567 DW B DW02 08:00 09:00 9610 SINES 90 45 HR 4/4/0.80 1234567 DW B DW02 08:03 09:00 13810 SINES 90 30 HR 4/4/1.20 1234567 DW B DW02 09:00 10:00 9610 SINES 90 45 HR 4/4/0.80 1234567 DW A DW02 09:00 10:00 13810 SINES 90 30 HR 4/4/1.20 1234567 DW A DW02 10:00 11:00 9545 WOOFFERTON 100 114 HR 2/4/1.00 1234567 DW A DW02 10:00 11:00 13810 SINES 90 30 HR 4/4/1.20 1234567 DW A DW02 11:00 12:00 9545 WOOFFERTON 100 114 HR 2/4/1.00 1234567 DW A DW02 11:00 12:00 13810 SINES 90 30 HR 4/4/1.20 1234567 DW A DW02 12:00 13:00 9545 WOOFFERTON 100 114 HR 2/4/1.00 1234567 DW A DW02 12:00 13:00 13810 SINES 90 30 HR 4/4/1.20 1234567 DW A DW02 13:00 14:00 9545 WOOFFERTON 100 114 HR 2/4/1.00 1234567 DW A DW02 13:00 14:00 13810 SINES 90 30 HR 4/4/1.20 1234567 DW A DW02 14:00 15:00 9545 WOOFFERTON 100 114 HR 2/4/1.00 1234567 BBC A ENEUR 14:00 15:00 13590 SINES 90 30 HR 4/4/1.20 1234567 BBC A ENEUR 15:00 16:00 9545 SKELTON 100 153 HRS4/2/0.60 S12 1234567 BBC A ENEUR 15:00 16:00 13590 SINES 90 30 HR 4/4/1.20 1234567 BBC A ENEUR 16:00 17:00 3995 SKELTON 100 121 HR 1/2/0.30 1234567 BBC B ENEUR 16:00 17:00 5895 KVITSOY 35 190 LPH 1234567 BBC B ENEUR 17:00 18:00 3995 SKELTON 100 121 HR 1/2/0.30 1234567 BBC B ENEUR 18:00 19:00 3995 SKELTON 100 120 HR 1/1/0.30 1234567 DW B DW02 19:00 20:00 3995 SKELTON 100 120 HR 1/1/0.30 1234567 DW B DW02 20:00 21:00 3995 SKELTON 100 120 HR 1/1/0.30 1234567 DW B DW02 21:00 22:00 3995 SKELTON 100 120 HR 1/1/0.30 1234567 DW B DW02 22:00 23:00 3995 SINES 90 40 HR 1/1/0.50 1234567 DW B DW02
start end freq Station power Azim Antenna bit/s days Prog Audio Source 05:00 07:00 1296 ORFORDNESS 35 96 VM 101208 1234567 BBC ENEUR 07:00 17:00 1296 ORFORDNESS 35 96 VM 101208 1234567 off air 17:00 18:00 1296 ORFORDNESS 35 96 VM 101208 1234567 BBC ENEUR 18:00 23:00 1296 ORFORDNESS 35 96 VM 101208 1234567 DW DW02

IRIB to launch sports TV channel in 2009

An independent TV channel featuring sports will be launched in summer 2009, said the deputy head of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) TV. Speaking to Morteza Mir-Baqeri added that the channel was earlier scheduled to become operational this year with the support of the Majlis and government. However, this did not happen and the initiative was delayed until the next year.

The channel will cover all sports programmes, and if they exceed in number other channels will also air sports programmes, he said. The sports channel will work around the clock, he said.

Mir-Baqeri also said that channels currently broadcasting sports programs will focus on social ills and youth affairs.

(Source: IRNA)

Ghanaian regulator told to "stop radio stations from transcending their boundaries"

A project consultand, Nii Tackie Otoo, has called on Ghana's National Communication Authority (NCA) to enforce its regulations that prevent radio stations broadcasting beyond their boundaries. He said some radio stations were broadcasting beyond their boundaries because certain aspects of the NCA regulations, LI 1719 of 2003, were not proactive [sic].

He was speaking at a one-day workshop on "Radio Stations Broadcasting Beyond their Boundaries" organised by the Western Salem Communication, operators of Kyzz Fm, and the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund in Takoradi.

Nii Otoo said the regulation should be reviewed to ensure that radio stations that broadcast beyond their boundaries face stiff sanctions. The framework of the law, he said, must ensure a level playing field and fairness in the industry because well-established radio stations were overshadowing small ones. He suggested that radio stations and the NCA signed a memorandum of understanding so that the Authority could be held accountable when its regulations were flouted.


Andy Sennitt comments on This displays a lack of understanding about the basic laws of physics and insufficient technical planning. By definition, a radio station's coverage area cannot have "boundaries". The signal can't be turned on and off like a tap. What's needed is a licence which specifices a primary coverage area, and the required transmitter power calculated accordingly. It may be that a lack of regulations and/or monitoring and onsite inspections have led to some stations using transmitters which are far more powerful than they need to be. However, just because a station may be received well beyond the area for which it is licensed, that doesn't necessarily mean that it has flouted any regulations. Hopefully, the situation can be resolved without forcing stations off the air or making them pay crippling fines.

Monday, November 24, 2008

VU2RVM: the first post merger HAM Operator from Sikkim

A sample of the VU2RVM QSL Card
My story on AC3PT was widely appreciated and it was something new to the people of Sikkim too. But little did I know that there was one person in the entire crowd who was closely watching my article and he too had been part of Sikkim Ham radio activity. Meet Rajesh Verma, Director, Department of Information Technology, Government of Sikkim. Rajesh Verma is better known in Sikkim for his well-liked Guide book on Sikkim. Nevertheless there are few people who really know that he was also an active radio ham with a call sign VU2RVM and he had also written a book on ham radio. His book “ABC of Amateur Radio and Citizen Band” was first published in 1987.
It was more of an opportunity for me to have a swap over of emails with Rajesh Verma. I shall also remain ever grateful towards him for his book that he sent me along with his personal call sign QSL card. I am here sharing his call sign QSL card that shows eight lucky sign of Buddhist culture along with other different QSL cards he had received over the years.
I also would like to add Rajesh Verma’s fantasy with Ham in his own words “…… But it is not always talking for pleasure that hams indulge in. There are examples galore in which hams have provided efficient communication during emergencies such as floods, earthquakes, storms and other calamities. I operated a Ham station from Gangtok from 1979 to 1995 with a call sign VU2RVM (VU2 denotes India) using home brewed equipment. Later as a Club Station of National Institute of Amateur Radio I used Kenwood equipment. In 1986, I trained 20 Scouts and Guides and their instructors from Sikkim and many of them got their licenses. Some of them used to operate my equipment for going on air. Sadly with the advent of the internet and mobile communication, Ham Radio is steadily taking a backseat. But in Sikkim there is still scope for Ham radio to be used as an alternate means of communication during disasters.”
What is more interesting is the piece of information that when Sikkim was an independent kingdom, Sikkim had a call sign AC3 followed by PT named after late Chogyal (King) Palden Thondup Namgyal. Post 1975 after Sikkim got merged with mighty Indian Union, the next call sign licensed was VU2RVM i.e. VU2 for India and RVM the person's name.

QSL cards collected by Rajesh Verma

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sri Lankan media groups to challenge new restrictions

Media groups in Sri Lanka, already restricted from covering the war against Tamil rebels in the north, are bracing to challenge new regulations that seek to control television broadcasting and new media, Inter Press Service reports. The new rules, announced on 27 October, control content not only for broadcast but also MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) on mobile phones. Newspapers reported government plans to bring in similar rules for radio broadcasting.

"Censorship, there is no doubt about it," said Sunanda Deshapriya, spokesman for Sri Lanka's Free Media Movement (FMM), an association representing journalists, publishers and private broadcasters. He said media groups and civil society organisations plan to challenge the regulations in the Supreme Court before 10 November, the deadline for objections before the regulations take effect.

The new regulations provide the Media Minister with powers to cancel licences if content is "detrimental to the interests of national security; incites a breakdown of public order; incites ethnic, religious or cultural hatred; is morally offensive or indecent; is detrimental to the rights and privileges of children", among other restrictions.

The government has defended the new regulations. The Media Minister, Anura Priyadharshana Yapa, said they were needed to bring about uniformity in the fast-growing electronic media broadcasting field.

Official radio in Moldova's rebel region in dire situation - paper

The state-run radio Pridnestrovye in Moldova's breakaway Dniester region has cut its broadcasts from 23 to a bit more than three hours a day due to the lack of proper office space, the eponymous Dniester official daily reported on 5 November.

The paper said that because of the last summer's floods the station's radio equipment and personnel were evacuated from its premises in central Tiraspol, but no new office place has been allocated to it so far.  The radio channel's equipment is stored in a garage, and journalists work at a canteen of the breakaway region's information ministry.

While information minister Vladimir Belyayev is still in the process of making a decision whether to repair the station's old premises or to find a new office for it, 100 out of the station's 146 staff members have been sent on an open-ended leave, with their wages cut by 30 per cent.

Commenting on the radio station's critical situation, the Russkiy Proryv! weekly said on 5 November that the situation was aggravated by disagreements between the Dniester parliament and the information ministry. According to the law on the state-run media in the Dniester region, all official radio and TV channels should list parliament and the president as founders, but the ministry took upon itself all managerial functions over the Pridnestrovye radio channel, the weekly said.

It recalled that in 2007, parliament initiated a probe into the ministry's activities linked to the radio station and unveiled numerous violations, including money-laundering. Members of the Dniester parliament tabled a proposal then that the radio station sign a separate agreement with president Igor Smirnov and radio Pridnestrovye become answerable to parliament, the paper said.

(Sources: Pridnestrovye, Tiraspol, in Russian 5 Nov 08; Russkiy Proryv!, Tiraspol, in Russian 5 Nov 08 via BBC Monitoring)

BBC World Service temporarily broadcasting via RNW Madagascar relay

Serious flooding in Thailand has forced the BBC's relay station at Nakhon Sawan off the air. It's expected that the station will be silent until next Tuesday at the earliest. VT Communications has arranged temporary broadcasts from other sites. Until Nakhon Sawan is back in normal operation, the RNW Madagascar relay station is broadcasting BBC World Service programming towards India as follows:

  • English 0100-0200 UTC on 11955 kHz 250kW beam 050 degrees
  • Hindi  0230-0300 UTC on 15405 kHz 250 kW beam 050 degrees
  • English 0300-0500 UTC on 17790kHz 250kW beam 050 degrees