Monday, September 27, 2010

Bangladesh Betar signs agreement with NHK

Dhaka, Sept 27 - Bangladesh Betar entered into a broadcasting agreement with NHK (the Japan Broadcasting Corporation) at Bangladesh Betar headquarters in the city recently.

Director General of Bangladesh Betar AKM Shamim Chowdhury and NHK director general Makato Harada signed the agreement on behalf of respective sides, a press release said on Monday.

As per the agreement, NHK will provide technical support to Bangladesh Betar to broadcast programs through the FM band from its regional centers in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur and Comilla.

Bangladesh Betar will be able to earn $71,175 per year in this regard, the press release said.

NHK will also provide training facilities to Bangladesh Betar officials with a view to improving the quality of program. Bangladesh and Japan will jointly produce radio programs according to the agreement.

Swopan Chakroborty

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bantayan Island an exotic destination in Philippines

Located at the western portion of the northern tip of Cebu Island in Philippines Bantayan Island is a tropical paradise in South East Asia. The Beaches of Bantayan Island are the best beaches in all Philippines, even among the most beautiful beaches in all South East Asia. The island is called Paradise Island and the finest sandy beaches beside crystal blue water in seas will make your holiday a lifetime experience.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

FM Dxing - comments from Glenn Hauser, World of Radio, USA

Interesting comments from Mr. Glenn Gauser, World of Radio, USA

Some very interesting DX there. Unfortunately, my players can`t handle these odd-format audio files (tried winamp, real, windows media).

It seems to me that quad and longwire are really not suitable for FM DX frequencies. I suspect your results would have been just as good using the built-in whip antenna only, with the advantage that you could quickly manoeuvre it to avoid interference and/or pick up maximum signal. 20 m longwire certainly is not right for FM band of about 3 meters wavelength.

The Es signals were probably so strong that they overcame the antenna wire anyway. One is entirely dependent on when an opening occurs, not so much with having good antenna gain.

Or a yagi cut for the middle of the FM band should give good gain and directionality, but I don`t know if it could be matched properly to that receiver. Perhaps you have already looked into how to do that with the quad, or maybe not with the bad results there.

Typical minimum distance for Es is about 500 miles = 800 km, and most common distance is more like 1000 miles = 1600 km, so you would not be getting nearby Bangladesh via this mode, but rather tropo (weather-related) or groundwave. Maybe parts of Myanmar are far enough away, and of course further parts of India and Pakistan.

With FM DX it is very important to be aware of the distances involved. It might be helpful to draw circles of 500, 1000 and 1500 miles around your location a map. Most of your Es would come from 500-1500 with a peak around 1000. Altho occasionally beyond 1500 is possible by multiple-hops.

So-called trans-equatorial propagation is another matter, which you also might get, outside the summer Es season. Signals are generally steadier but weaker and not fully quieted.

I am basing my comments on some DX I got in Thailand 40 years ago, and on lots more experience here in OK, 36 degrees north, about the same as J&K or northern Tibet, but at least not too far north of you and in the same hemisphere.

Good luck on planning your DXpedition, but if there is not a rather unpredictable Es opening, you may be disappointed. Of course the odds will be much better in May-July.

Or if you become aware of an opening, perhaps a rush trip out to the remote location.

73, Glenn

Sunday, September 05, 2010

FM Dxing

During the 3rd week of June 2010, I had an opportunity of experiencing sporadic e condition in FM band. Earlier, Noticing various distant FM logs, I tried several times from my hometown Kolkata with available receivers. But strong local FM channels & their image frequencies all over the FM band, prevented me to log any distant FM channels. Then dismantling newly home brewed Quad Loop antenna, shifted to another 100 km north of Kolkata, a place called Taherpur (Coordinates 23.18°N 88.58°E) under Nadia district of West Bengal state. Erected a 20 mtr. longwire targeting southeast & northwest. The very first day Quad miserably failed & later on detected that there was no continuity. Then the magic started with the longwire which later on found performing excellent. I used a tiny Tecsun PL 757A portable receiver. Many of the distant FM stations coming like our local FM channels, specially from Pakistan. As if, I am sitting in a city of Pakistan. Most of the pvt. FM channels of Bangladesh like Radio Foorti, Dhaka, Radio Amar, Radio Today Dhaka, were coming very clear. Most surprisingly received BBC Bengali programme via FM at Comilla, Bangladesh. Many of the stations carrying programme in CIS language, could not be identified. Indeed, it is not so easy to perfectly identify a distant FM channel just crosschecking their frequency in the available gadgets. Because various programme run in the same channel in various city of the same country. Although Indian pvt FM channels could not disturb the band much but some channels from central to northwestern India were available. Many of the Thai & Vietnamese channels remained unidentified. 
Below you can listen to some of the audio files recorded with my mobile phone recorder.   

Unidentified Chinese 92.4 MHz @ 0519 21.6.2010
102.6 MHz 0741UTC 21.6.10 AIR DELHI
FM 93 Pakisatn 93.0 MHz 0417 UTC 21.6.10
FM Sunrise Sahiwal Pakistan 96.0 MHz 0701 UTC 21.6.2010
Local pirate in Bengali
Local Pirate 95.6 MHz 1605 UTC 20.6.10
Local Pirate 96.4 MHz 1558 UTC 20.6.10
Mast FM Lahore Pakistan 103.0 MHz 0352 UTC 21.6.10
Power FM Islamabad 99.0 MHz 0728 UTC 21.6.2010
Punjab University FM Lahore 0.1 kW 104.6 MHz 0824 UTC 21.6.10
Pyinsawadi FM Burma 88.0 MHz 0501 UTC
R News Network Pakistan 99.0 MHz 0300 UTC 21.6.10
Radio Today Bangladesh 89.6 MHz 0537 UTC 21.6.2010
Sichuan R China 91.3 MHz 0400 UTC 21.6.10
Unidentified 90.1 MHz
Unidentified stn 97.8 MHz 0430 UTC 21.6.2010
Unidentified 101.3 MHz Presumably Tibetan
Unidentified Bengali 100 MHz  0323UTC 21.6.10
Unidentified Chinese stn 21.6.2010
Unidentified Chinese stn 92.4 MHz @ 0519 21.6.2010
Unidentified Chinese stn 96.0 MHz  0539 UTC
Unidentified Indian station
Unidentified Kazakh or Uighur language 92.2 MHz 0800 21.6.10
Unidentified Turkish language on 93.2 MHz 0418 UTC 20.6.2010
Unidentified Uighur language programme
But coming back in Kolkata tried several times but nothing fruitful so far. Quad Loop antenna was also erected perfectly. Definitely this was the first experience of sporadic e. Next one will must be a planned FM dxpedition.   
Swopan Chakroborty

Saturday, September 04, 2010

New TECSUN PL-210 Digital Tuning FM / shortwave / mediumwave / longwave PLL dual conversion Ultralight Portable

PL-210 is an engineers years of design experience, and carefully crafted a pocket full-band digital tuning stereo radio, the machine selects the high-quality integrated circuits, the AM and shortwave receiver dual conversion technology applied to high sensitivity, selectivity, anti-jamming; space-saving, easy to operate, can be up to 1,700 radio frequency in memory, If you like ultralight portables, I hope this radio, to help you enjoy the radio, to bring you joy.

PL-210 Features at a glance:

● The multi-functional machine, can receive FM stereo, medium wave, long wave and the international shortwave radio programs, high sensitivity, good selectivity
● FM receiving frequency range can be set to 87 ~ 108MHz, 88 ~ 108MHz, or 76 ~ 108MHz (to receive part of the campus radio)
● The machine is very user-friendly, easy to use, has a very useful multi-functional digital control knob can be used to set the time, adjust the frequency, select the memory address
● AM by double-conversion technology has greatly improved AM reception sensitivity and anti-mirror interference
● DX - High / Medium / low sensitivity control, can improve the strong signal and weak signal reception station
● six election units: manual search radio frequency, direct digital input frequency, manually search for stored stored radio station or directly enter the address number, stored radio frequency automatic search, automatic search preview the stored stations
● use of ATS feature that automatically searches memory FM / shortwave / medium wave / long wave radio frequency
● The machine can store up to 1,700 radio frequencies. 500 which is stored by band (FM / AM / long wave of the storage 100, SW 200), and the remaining 1,200 memory locations, divided into 12 pages (page 100), classified according to store your personal favorite frequency
● use of high-quality speakers, you can also use the high / bass control switch to change the sound, listen to different programs to meet the needs of
● The machine adopts the 12/24 hour time display, with regular power function, can pre-listen to the radio is turned on, and pre-set automatic shutdown in 1-90 minutes
● Auto power off a smart sleep, you can personal sleep habits, set in the boot automatically shut down after 1-120 minutes
● features intelligent lighting display
● The machine uses two batteries, but also the optional Ni-MH rechargeable battery, the machine is equipped with intelligent charging function, external power port using the most common and most secure of the USB socket, suitable for any commercially available USB mouth of the 5V power adapter.
● delicate protective cover and comes with stereo headphones
● Physical Size: W 125 × 75 × high thick 26 (mm)
● Design Patent No.: 03320375.X

PL-210 Basic Specifications

● Frequency Range / Tuning step

Frequency Modulation (FM) 76 - 108 MHz; smart step 0.01/0.1 MHz
You can choose the frequency coverage:
Standard: 87 - 108 MHz (except for Japan, Germany, Russia, other than national standards)
Germany: 87.5 - 108 MHz
Japan: 76 - 90 MHz
Campus radio: 76 - 108 MHz (including part of the campus radio)

Short-wave (SW) 1711 -29999 kHz; smart step 1 / 5 kHz

522 - 1620 kHz; smart step 1 / 9 kHz (for Asia, Africa and Europe)
520 - 1710 kHz; smart step 1 / 10 kHz (for North America)

Long Wave (LW) 150 - 519 kHz; smart step 1 / 9 kHz

● Noise limited sensitivity:
Frequency Modulation (FM) (S / N = 30dB) better than 3 uV
AM (MW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 1 mV / m
Long Wave (LW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 5 mV / m
Short-wave (SW) (S / N = 26dB) better than 20 uV

● Optional:
Frequency Modulation (FM)> 25 dB
AM (MW)> 40 dB
Long Wave (LW)> 40 dB
Short-wave (SW)> 25 dB

● FM stereo separation: better than 24 dB

● Output Power:
Speaker: 250 mW
Headphones: 10 mW / 8 - 32 ohm stereo headset

● Number of Storage Memory: Total 1700

(1) according to band storage: 500
Frequency Modulation (FM) 100
AM (MW) 100
Long Wave (LW) 100
Short-wave (SW) 200

(2) cross-band paging memory: 12 pages x 100, 1200 Radio Storage

● awakened mode: radio alarm rang

● Static current:
Frequency Modulation (FM) <27mA
AM / long wave (MW / LW) <45mA
Short-wave (SW) <53mA
Shutdown standby <40uA

● Speaker Size: diameter 40 mm / 12Ω film speaker

● Power supply:
Battery: 2 R6 (V) batteries or rechargeable batteries
External power jack: USB specification / DC 5V 250mA

● Weight: About 200g (without batteries)        

● Physical Size: W 125 × 75 × high thick 26 (mm)

● Design Patent No.: 03320375.X  

● Accessories:
Stereo headphones, protective cover, FM short-wave external antenna, instruction manual, certificate, service guarantee

Available colors: Black, Silver, metallic Red

Mail order prices, gifts and purchase by:
In PR China Mail Order Price: 298 yuan / (including flat postage).
Taobao Network PL210 counters: 【】

Premium: Any company directly to order Dongguan Desheng, shop in Taobao and online shopping site to buy PL-210, the value of each are accompanied by a gift of 20 yuan, with two 1000mAh rechargeable batteries and USB power line.

But Anon Co on ebay has different Gifts with Them -

In PR China How to buy:

■ nearest to purchase:
You can go to your local electronics store, shopping malls or local counter electronic appliance wholesale market, the nearest to buy PL-210. Because the relationship between sales channels, local prices may be some differences, you can refer to our purchase order price.

■ Direct Service:
We are in the country with customer service centers in major cities, you can also go to these places to buy PL-210. The following are contact centers around the service, everyone on the front of the phone can go.

● Department of Electronics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, hundreds of
203 Middle Road, Guangzhou City, Central City 10, Block A, Hang Seng Building, Room 1002, 020-86699469

● Beijing Desheng Radio Service
Ding Men Wai, Dongcheng District, on the Dragon on the Dragon Garden 41 West Unit 2-2, Building III, Room 010-84111581

● Health Radio Service Centre on Hyde
Handan Road, Shanghai, Wuxi, Building 98, Room 2002 A 021-61425265

● Electric Co., Ltd. Chongqing, Chongqing wave
220 Xinhua Road, Yuzhong District, Xinhua Road Accord 27-1 (Arran Electronic City) 023-63830161 023-63843776

● Dorsey Co., Ltd. Nanjing
No. 198 Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Long International Building, Room 1111, Taiwan 210002 025-84650427 025-84650453

● Hangzhou Radio and Television Services
88 Moganshan Road, Hangzhou 0571-88845345

● Desheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Chengdu
Golden Temple electronics market in Chengdu electrical store room 39, 3rd Floor, Block B 028-86083088 028-83230035

● West Andrew Health Radio Service Center
Middle Yanta Road, Xi'an City 816 Xiansaige computer room 029-85535376 029-85526392

● Electronic Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Kinder
No. 271 Donggang West Road Lanzhou Northwest Hospital, fourth floor, electronic commerce, Room 401, City Parking 0931-8613929 0931-8628561 turn 804

● De-Sheng Trading Co., Ltd. Fuzhou
Tong Wu, Fuzhou Drum Tower District 72 0591-87602798

● Dongguan Desheng Company Consulting Contact:
Service Hotline :0769 -22455117 0769-23167118
Desheng Radio Forum SMS: 【】 Attention: Chuan Hou

In addition, for products not covered by the network out of stock or sold to consumers, small towns can be purchased through mail order PL-210;
PL-210 will also be in the German health Taobao while the shelves, and welcome to purchase.

■ mail order through the postal remittance
Remittance Address: Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Dongguan Desheng Long Road, Building No. 189 
Payee Name: De-Sheng Electric Customer Service Department     
Postal Code: 523071
Please note: Please write in the column on the remittance postscript your product model, color, quantity and your contact phone number so that we confirm the arrangements for delivery as soon as possible.

■ money order through online banking
Payee name: Dongguan Desheng General Electric Co., Ltd.
Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Lake King branch (or the Industrial and Commercial Bank, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, East Branch)
Account number: 2010028619000005256
Please note: Internet Banking transfer, please pay more money, ending a bit, after payment please send your information via e-mail or short message to our forum (the sender's full address, name, zip code, telephone number, the amount the purchase of the product type, color and quantity), so that we can confirm the arrangements for delivery as soon as possible.

■ Taobao purchase by
Taobao Network PL210 counters: 【】

Tecsun note: We do not Want Alibaba, the user who need to purchase, please direct payments, remittance please send your information via e-mail or forum message to us (the sender's full address, name, zip code, telephone, the amount, the purchase of the product type, color and quantity), so that we can confirm the arrangements for delivery as soon as possible.