Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you will have realized, there have been considerable changes in the
service provided by Swiss Radio International (SRI) in recent months. We are
now writing to explain these changes (see the enclosed brochure), and give
advance warning of some future developments.

SRI will gradually be discontinuing its shortwave broadcasting, with no
further programmes after the end of 2004 (for details, please refer to the
timetable in annexe 1). Another aspect of our strategy is to reduce our
satellite broadcasting, retaining only an English-language service.

The changes, which have been approved in principle by the federal department
of the environment, transport, energy and communication, form part of a
strategic re-orientation. There are three main reasons for this change of

· the fact that it is now easy to access the electronic media and
information of all kinds about Switzerland, particularly in Europe, where
the majority of Swiss expatriates are resident (as mentioned in annexe 2,
many of the radio and television programmes broadcast by the Swiss
Broadcasting Corporation can be picked up in Europe via satellite);

· the development of on-line services, increasingly popular in all
parts of the world, which means that providers of international services are
almost obliged to switch to the Internet;

· the competition generated by new sources of information, which means
there are only very limited prospects for expensive shortwave services.

To keep you adequately informed, SRI will nevertheless continue to provide
news of what is happening in Switzerland via its on-line service: This is an excellent alternative: available in eight
languages (the Arabic-language site was officially launched on 1 February),
Swiss Radio International's multimedia platform provides a constant stream
of information in the form of text, pictures, sound and video on the events
making the headlines in Switzerland and abroad (see attached brochure).

We hope to be welcoming you to our web site - - in the
near future. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to get in touch if you need further

Yours faithfully,

Nicolas Lombard

Christine Dudle-Crevoisier
Head of Communication & Marketing

Annexes: as mentioned

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