Saturday, January 12, 2008

Euromaxx quiz

Our euromaxx quiz is simple. All you have to do is examine four pictures and answer a simple question.

If you've got the answer just drop us a line and you could be the winner of a designer wristwatch made in Europe.
We eagerly await your entry (one entry per person per e-mail). Include your answers in the e-mail text, but not as an attachment.
There is no legal recourse.

Wilhelm Busch

Großansicht des Bildes mit der Bildunterschrift:

This week's quiz is about a famous illustrator.

A master of pen and ink ... Wilhelm Busch, German artist, humorist, poet and painter died a century ago.
His illustrated works are considered the forerunner of the modern comic. His characters' adventures have been translated into numerous languages. To mark the anniversary of his death, the Wilhelm Busch museum in Hanover invited twelve German comic strip artists to breathe new life into his characters. Artists like Ralf König and Volker Reiche have reinterpreted the original characters and the results are available in a new comic collection.
Our question this week: Which duo made Wilhelm Busch world famous? Is it:
Our keyword this week is "Wilhelm Busch ".
If you know the answer, you can write to us at:
Voltastrasse 6
13355 Berlin
Or email us at euromaxx.english at - no attachments please.
You can also send a fax to:
49 for Germany,
30 for Berlin,
4646 6505.
The deadline is 25th January, 2008. Please remember to include the keyword! And, as always, our decision is final.
Three weeks ago we asked you for the name of a famous racing driver.The answer was picture C, Michael Schumacher- and Chinenye Scholar Ozoemena from Nigeria is our lucky winner. A men's watch by the Danish firm Skagen will soon be his!
The winner of our new draw will win an Armani men's watch. So send in those entries! And please remember to include your full name and mailing address!

Swopan Chakroborty
Kolkata, India

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