Thursday, May 01, 2008

Inbox May 2008 quiz

A world expo is a three to six month, one-time public event on a grand scale - see if you can answer this month's Inbox Question correctly!

The city of Zaragoza is expecting some six million visitors to this year's Expo, which will be held from 14th June to 14th September.


World exposure can focus attention on global issues of importance through their themes, i.e. the theme of Expo 2008 is  "Water & Sustainable Development".

Along with Germany, about 100 nations, regions and international organizations and enterprises will address this theme at Expo 2008.


Our question here at Inbox this month is: which country is hosting this year's Expo, is it:

a) Germany

b) China or

c) Spain


Answers should be sent in no later than May 31st - as an e-mail to:

as a text message to:

 +49 160148 1000

or by post to:

Deutsche Welle, English Service, Inbox, 53110 Bonn, Germany.


As usual, there's a radio and 3 other attractive prizes on offer and – just as usual, we also look forward to hearing any anecdotes or opinions you may have on the subject!

Good Luck!


Previous Winners:

December 2007:
Christoph Preutenborbeck - Germany

Juliana Nkrumah - Ghana

Alex Torbeni - Indonesia

January 2008:
Yirgalem Negash - Ethiopia
Irma Chavez Pereda - Peru
Vinita R. Gulabani - India
Fumihiko Kawai - Japan
Skinner Zenco Kadammanja - Malawi
Deepa Chakraborty - India




December 2007:
Jaydeep Chakraborty - India

January 2008:
Krassimir Kamdjilov - Great Britain
Matt Barnes - U.S.A.


Swopan Chakroborty
Kolkata, India

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