Wednesday, December 03, 2008

PAL AM Radio Guide Covers the Region

Pacific Asian Log AM Radio Guide Covers the Region and now Fully Updated and Available for FREE

The classic Pacific Asian Log of mediumwave [AM] radio stations on air across the entire region has now been updated at

Produced by Bruce Portzer in Seattle WA, this extensive radio guide covers literally thousands of AM radio stations and is hosted by the
Radio Heritage Foundation. It draws on monitoring by many volunteers across the region, as well as information directly from broadcasters
so it's accurate and up to date.

You can search the database or download a pdf version for your own non-commercial use by visiting today.

Amongst the stations you'll find on 1602 AM are 2CP Cooma [Australia], All India Radio, Ziro [India], JOKC Kofu [Japan], HLQE Sabuk [South Korea], Radio Reading Service, Levin [New Zealand], and DZUP Quezon City [Philippines]. The most powerful station listed in the region is 50kW Radio Khost, located in Afghanistan.

You'll find the Pacific Asian Log Radio Guide useful for business and vacation travel [just print out the stations from the countries you're visiting], radio monitoring, advertising and PR campaign media planning and much's up to date and it's free.

The Pacific Asian Log traces its origins back to radio station call lists first published in New Zealand during the 1930's, and is volunteer supported and produced as a free service for everyone.

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The Radio Heritage Foundation, host of the Pacific Asian Log Radio Guides, is a registered non-profit organization connecting radio heritage and popular culture across the Pacific. Website:

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