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"Wavescan" DX Program to Continue from New Location, and Bengali Schedules via BanglaDX

The final edition of AWR’s DX program "Wavescan" produced in Singapore is scheduled for broadcast on May 31, 2009, with the usual scheduled repeats during the first few days into June. Beginning in the first week of June, "Wavescan" will be written and produced in the United States for broadcast worldwide.
In the new arrangement, the scripts for "Wavescan" will be researched and written in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the program will be assembled and produced in the Miami, Florida, studios of shortwave station WRMI/Radio Miami International. QSL cards acknowledging the reception of "Wavescan" will be available from both WRMI and Adventist World Radio.
At the end of May, AWR’s Singapore office and studio will be transferred to nearby Batam Island, Indonesia. This move will achieve considerable cost savings for AWR.
Many long-time listeners will remember that the original AWR DX program, "Radio Monitors International," was produced in the Poona (Pune), India, studios of Adventist World Radio and broadcast on the domestic and international shortwave services of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. Beginning in 1984, North American coverage was achieved through the services of Jeff White and his original Radio Earth/Radio Discovery service. "Radio Monitors International" became "Wavescan," and Radio Earth/Radio Discovery became Radio Miami International/WRMI.
The new presentations of "Wavescan" will be very similar to the earlier editions as produced in Singapore. Each edition will include a station profile on an important or a little-known shortwave station from a historical perspective. There will also be other features from the fascinating world of international radio broadcasting, as well as regular bulletins of DX news. It is intended that the regular DX bulletins from Japan, Bangladesh, Philippines and Australia will be included as usual in these new broadcasts of "Wavescan."
Other radio entities are welcome to re-broadcast "Wavescan," archive the programs on Internet websites, and reprint items and articles from the scripts and archive the scripts, with the usual attribution to AWR "Wavescan" and to Radio Miami International/WRMI.
As was announced in "Wavescan" earlier, the annual worldwide listener contest during the month of June will continue as planned. Listeners are invited to prepare a list and give details and photocopies of 5 QSLs from silent shortwave stations; to submit 3 reception reports on AWR transmissions; and, where possible, to submit 3 suitable radio cards to the “Wavescan” address in Indianapolis.
Adventist World Radio would like to express appreciation to AWR assistant program director Rhoen Catolico for his splendid work on the production of "Wavescan" during the past three years and to wish him every success with his endeavors as he returns to his homeland in the Philippines. We would also like to express our appreciation to Jeff White at WRMI for mutual co-operation in the areas of international radio broadcasting over the past quarter century, and we are grateful for this new relationship in the production and distribution of the program in his station in Miami.
Jeff White is currently the president of NASB, the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters USA, in addition to his management responsibilities at WRMI.
Adrian Peterson is DX editor for Adventist World Radio and a Board Member for NASB, the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters USA. The address is:
Adventist World Radio
Box 29235
Indianapolis, Indiana 46229 USA
(AWR News Release via Dr.Adrian Peterson, AWR International Relations Coordinator)

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