Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DW Hindi News

Listeners Meet of DW Radio-Hindi in India in October 2008

DW Radio-Hindi is going to organise a Listeners Meet in India in October 2008.But the exact date & place of the meeting has not been yet decided.The listeners will be informed about it as soon as it has been decided.

New Presenter in DW Radio Hindi:

A new presenter, Ms Ritika Rai has joined DW Radio-Hindi for two months perhaps.She worked as News Presenter & Producer etc in Doordarshan before joining DW Radio-Hindi.

She gave her introduction in last sunday's Aap Ki Bari Aap Ki Baat , the mailbag programme of DW Radio-Hindi.

DW Radio-Hindi Website Give Away:::

I understand DW Radio-Hindi is also giving away exciting prizes each day for those who visits their website.

There will be some prize info etc hidden on a page or pages of website. One can win those/this each day by finding the place & then send the necessary info perhaps to DW Radio.Believe there will be popup instructions there as soon as you find the link where the prize info is hidden.

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