Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Radio News

(Via Gautam Kumar Sharma, Avayapuri, Assam, India.) 


Let's first kick off this week with a couple or so of News items related to DW Radio ...

SMS Number for Indian Listeners of DW Radio-Bengali:

DW Radio-Bengali has introduced a new SMS number for Indian Listeners.Now Indian listeners can send their feedbacks etc etc via SMS at this number.Please check out their website plus their shortwave transmissions to note down the SMS number.They are regularly airing the promo related to it.

Website Prizes Giveaway.....:

You can win exciting prizes each day by visiting & navigating DW Radio-Bengali website.

Also I understand DW Radio-Hindi is also giving away exciting prizes each day for those who visits their website.

There will be some prize info etc hidden on a page or pages of website. One can win those/this each day by finding the place & then send the necessary info perhaps to DW Radio.Believe there will be instructions there.

Believe DW Radio-Show By Urdu is going to launch similar giveaway via its website soon.

Listeners Meet of DW Radio-Hindi in India in October 2008

DW Radio-Hindi is going to organise a Listeners Meet in India in October 2008.But the exact date & place of the meeting has not been yet decided.The listeners will be informed about it as soon as it has been decided.


That's all for this bulletin.

More later in the week perhaps.......!!!!!


73 & 55

Gautam Kumar Sharma

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