Sunday, August 31, 2008

Radio Sweden Special broadcast

Radio Sweden Special 70th Birthday Broadcast
Live from Studio Five

Ever since 1938 Radio Sweden has served as an important link between Swedenand the rest of the world. On Wednesday, September 3 we'll be celebratingour 70th birthday with special broadcasts, a panel discusion, and livemusic.Our first English broadcast of the day, at 12:30 hrs UTC, will be a liveprogram from Studio 5 at Broadcasting House in Stockholm. We'll be taking alook back at some of the major stories we've covered over the years, andtalking with many guests, including some wellknown Radio Sweden voices fromthe past.That will be followed by a special panel debate in Swedish with a number ofcultural and media personalities.The 14:00 hrs UTC Swedish broaadcast will also be live from Studio 5.The entire special program, from 12:30 to 16:30 hours UTC, will be carriedlive in a special web broadcast.So don't fail to join us to celebrate our 70th, Live from Studio Five.

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