Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Groove Zone is holding a celebrity competition!

Groove Zone is holding a celebrity competition!

At the beginning of every Groove Zone, listeners can hear celebrities "showing up at the red carpet." But perhaps you're tired of hearing about David Hasselhof and Paris Hilton? We need your help with some new names! Who would you like to hear showing up at the red carpet ahead of Groove Zone? If we like your entry, you'll win a prize, and your suggestion could be incorporated into the beginning of Groove Zone.


* Send us some names of people who you'd like to hear show up at the red carpet before Groove Zone. Be creative – the most interesting answers will be selected!

* Entries must be received by August 18th. Winners will be announced on the August 23rd edition of Groove Zone.

* Send entries to: PO BOX 123-199 / Taipei Taiwan, ROC

* Or email your entry to:

Thanks for listening to Groove Zone!

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