Friday, March 20, 2009

shortwaves Catch a wave ~ Radio Madagascar

[shortwaves] Catch a wave ~ Radio Madagascar

MADAGASCAR:  5010 LSB.  03-20-09 UTC, Abrupt sign on at 0245 with continuous ezl music.  Excellent signal cutting in and out.  At 0256 began interval signal numerous times. 0301 beautiful clear and full ID, then national anthem.  Are they signing on one hour later now ?  They used to sign on anywhere from 0200 to 0245.  0302 full ID again and frequency announcements then into continuous local ezl mx.  Malagasy talk at 0318 then into local choir/religious/hymn type music going on and off with male announcements inbetween.  Reception was excellent with a whopping signal strength of S-9 in LSB.  Signal, modulation, and fidelity were absolutely astonishing.  0330 broke away from music without the regular "news song" and began talk, no ID.  Drums at 0331 and announcements.  At 0339, it sounded like someone addressing a crowd of people or speech.  If this was the news at 0330, as always before at this time, Radio Madagasikara just sounds very different, other than the continuous music at times.  That is just my opinion, however.

Last night, 03-19-09 UTC, RNM abruptly came on around 0330 with what sounded like what one would believe to be a political leader speaking to a cheering crowd.  This type of programming went on until I fell asleep face down on the desk at 0345.  The signal was on and off about twice a minute at times.  This was sunrise in MGD and the day before (MGD time) Ravalomanana stepped down as president.  It was very exciting to actually sit at your desk and hear FRIST HAND as major political situation unfolds in an exotic country on the other side of the world as a radio signal squeaks in ON YOUR RADIO.  THIS IS WHAT SHORTWAVE IS ALL ABOUT FOLKS ! ! !

Stephen J. Price, Johnstown, PA, USA, one big antenna, one big grounding system, and a Kenwood R-5000.

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