Friday, May 06, 2011


A new indoor loop is available on e-bay

According to seller description

Ø TG35 is an active loop antenna for SW/MW/LW reception.

Ø It is special designed for world radios to improve the signal reception.

Ø The antenna comes with two unique antennas that plug into the base amplifier.

Ø The base amplifier + antenna should be placed on a window sill for best performance. The 18 foot connection cable is connected to the base with a BNC plug/jack. The other end of the cable has the power connection and the receiver connection.

Ø This indoor amplified active antenna is the best for portable shortwave radios and will also produce very good results by amplifying the signal received by the ferrite rod plug in antenna.

Ø Combined with a 3-foot telescopic antenna and a ferrite coupler unit, this antenna covers a wide frequency range from 30KHz to 30,000KHz.

Ø Versatile connection to different receivers, ease of use

Ø Free of extra tuning, easy of use

Ø Frequency Range: 30KHz to 30,000KHz
Ø Power Supply: 5V DC
Ø Solar cell equipped for green charge
Ø There are 3 methods to charge the antenna:
(1) Using the included USB cable (2) Using the included AC charger (3) Using the built in Solar Panel

Costs 45 USD + shipping from China.

It is very similiar to Kaito KA35
which is sold by universal radio
at 90 USD.

Ø Base unit

Ø Ferrite unit
Ø Telescopic unit
Ø Ferrite coupler
Ø Control unit
Ø Charging cable
Ø USB power adapter

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