Friday, February 15, 2008

DX Listening Digest April 2008

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. 15190, Radio Africa, 2202-2255*, April 14, Pastor Tony
Alamo with his program #474, gives mailing address (P.O.
Box 6467, Texarkana, Texas 75505) plus phone and fax numbers, Porter Wagner
singing "The Dream", station ID: "Thank you for listening to
Radio Africa, inspirational . We are excited to share with you .", gives
email address (radioafrica [at] and address in Ghana
spelled out (something like: P.O. Box ???, Kanonme??, Accra??, Ghana),
noticeable QRM at about 2240 (assume WYFR in Portuguese), fair-poor.
Reception reports can be sent via .
Thanks to Glenn for the heads up (Ron Howard, CA, dxldyg via DX LISTENING


4699,32 15/4 0025 Radio San Miguel, Bolivia, social talks, SS, fair

5952,44 15/4 0103 Radio Pio XII, Bolivia, Talks, poor/fair

6134,81 15/4 0055 Radio Santa Cruz, Bolivia, songs, QRM Aparecida, fair


4805 15/4 0039 Difusora do Amazonas, Brazil, songs, fair/good

4825 15/4 0031 Educadora Braganca, Brazil, talks & songs, fair

4845,23 15/4 0044 Radio Cultura, Manaus, Brazil, songs, fair, low mod.

5035,07 15/4 0050 Radio Aparecida, Brazil, talks, poor/fair


4779,96 15/4 0035 Radio Cultural Coatan, Guatemala, music and talks, fair


5000 15/4 0048 Observatorio Cagigal, Venezuela, pips & ids, poor

RX Perseus
QTH Milano

I have solved the mystery station on 1700kHz. After reading Paul Walker's
response, it became apparent that no such physical presence of the Antenna
tower(s) exists. Just the record at the FCC database. (Re: today's WOR 8-047
at bottom). Admittedly, my limited knowledge was based on 'common sense' and
thought such listings of pattern and location were availible after the tower
was constructed: not before.

Turns out that I was again listening to 1700kHz in the 0200-0300 EDT
(0600-0700 UT) time frame on 4/14/08, and a similar family of music appeared
propagation varied. This time, I was able to catch a clear call of, "This is
WJCC AM." at 0240 EDT (0640UT). Knowing this, I'm not surprised at all. I
read reports of WJCC being received in No. Europe at this time frame
(Grey-line UT). A tip of the cap to the Engineer who set up the Hialeah
antenna. Nice
signal throw and direction. Now, this might not seem like much for a Grundig
G5 barefoot, but the actual ID was made on a 1 transistor simple home-brew
set. It
popped up nicely between 0238 and 0245 EDT (0638 to 0645 UT), and again 0651
to 0658 UT. SINPO 1-4/3/1-4/3 (when audible), with WEUP faint and flutter
under. The G5 comfirmed receptions after 0300 EDT (0700UT) and is noted with
same SINPO, as no synchro-tune availible. Paul Shaffer Cheshire, CT 1T & G5

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