Friday, March 28, 2008

[dxld] RE: DXLD 8-038: CHBC E-QSL

RE: DXLD 8-038: E-QSL from "China Huayi Broadcast Co.": Qiao Xiaoli
has posted my reception report, along with a copy of the E-QSL that
was sent to me, at:
< >.
The blog seems to indicate that there are no QSL cards left to send
out via postal mail, but will continue to respond to reception reports
now by sending out only E-QSLs (Ron Howard, CA, March 27, dxldyg via

- - - - Ron wrote:

** CHINA. 4830, "China Huayi Broadcast Co.", blue E-QSL, full data, in
one day, v/s Qiao Xiaoli (2883752 [at], who is the CHBC QSL
Manager. Happy with this, as the station had not responded to my 2005
reception report (Ron Howard, CA, March 25, dxldyg via DX LISTENING

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