Saturday, March 01, 2008

Inbox quiz

Easter is celebrated in March this Year - see if you can answer this month's Inbox Question correctly!

Classic chocolate Easter Bunnies - as they have been known for the last 40 years! Easter would not seem like Easter without them! 

Sunday 23rd March is Easter Sunday. On this day, children and adults alike look forward to receiving chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.

In some countries, children actually believe it's the Easter Bunny who delivers or hides the eggs just like Santa Claus brings the presents at Christmas!


The Easter celebration goes back to the earliest days of the Christian church but, like several other Christian holidays, most Easter customs can be traced back to pre-Christian, pagan rites.


What we want to know here at Inbox this month is: what are Christians celebrating on Easter Sunday, the most important religious feast in the Christian church calendar? Is it

a) Passover

b) The resurrection of Jesus Christ


c) The birth of Buddha



Answers should be sent in no later than March 31st

Send your answer by e-mail to: or as a text message to +49 160148 1000, or by post to Deutsche Welle, English Service, Inbox, 53110 Bonn, Germany.


There's a shortwave radio for the winner and some great consolation prizes for the first three runners-up.


As always, we are also interested in receiving your personal stories, thoughts or feelings about the Easter Festival

Good Luck!


Previous Winners:
November 2007:
Godfrey Musimbi - Uganda
Apoli Bertrand Kameni - France
Stan Picha - Canada



Jayanta Chakrabarty - India



Swopan Chakroborty
Kolkata, India

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