Friday, March 28, 2008

[dxld] World of Radio 1401 headlines

Glenn Hauser to dxld

*WBCQ moves from 17495 to 15420 April 1, including World of Radio
Wednesdays at 2300
*KTBN, Trinity TV network SW relay in Utah, closing down March 31
*But what about KTMI, new SW station in Oregon, construction permit
expiring this October?
*KFI 640 Los Angeles tower collapses again
*CBA 1070 Moncton, New Brunswick about to close down April 7 at 1130
*Also off the air: Radio Rebelde`s external service from Cuba
*Radio Nacional, Argentina heard on new 5835
*Mediumwave from Ireland closes down
*BBCWS closes last shortwave transmissions to Americas in English;
bits of Spanish remain
*New A-08 schedules from Netherlands, Lithuania, Albania, Romania,
South Africa, Egypt, Turkey including new Sackville relay, Thailand,
New Zealand
*Enugu, Biafra, Nigeria may be back on 6025
*China Huayi Broadcasting, Fuzhou, back on 4830 from 1200
*Propagation outlook

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