Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DX Listening D - PNG 3290kHz

I had an opportunity to do some decent shortwave radio listening last
week away from usual QTH. Whilst tuning the dials I noted the presence
of a PNG signal on 3290kHz; Radio Central PNG's usual channel.

Now I have seen this recently reported several times in dxers logs as
Radio Central, but upon listening to the signal, programming was
definately that of Karai National Radio which is exactly what I would
have expected given that all SW outlets of Karai National Radio are
currently off air.

Radio Central's txer is co-located with that of NBC'S SW & MW txers.
Precedence at times of txer failure of any SW txer at Waigani (Port
Moresby) has usually been for the Karai National Radio Service to take
priority over Radio Central where a Karai SW txer goes faulty. At
least in my years of listening to PNG SW radio.

Radio Central has had very much of an on/off affair with the SW bands
for a long while. No doubt due to funds availability & txer failures

Can anyone say for sure that they have heard Radio Central programming
on 3290kHz since 4890kHz has been off air from last year? I'm assuming
in this instance that due to technical reasons, it's been easier for
technicians to put the Karai Service out on the Radio Central txer &
antenna (frequency). Or maybe..... just no Radio Central programming
available at the time/day heard? (last Wednesday evening) Mmm ????

Ian Baxter

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