Sunday, April 20, 2008

[dxld] more recent logs

4845, Mauretania, R.Mauritanie, Nouakchott; 19-Apr. Arabic 2240-2251
two male non-stop talks.QRM from underneath, 32333 (LOB-B).

4111, Bolivia, R Virgen de Remedios, Tupiza; 19-Apr. Spanish 2258-2315
seems to be from a religious ceremony wich consists, religious voice
and acoustic guitar music alternating male and female talks; started
with female singing "Ave Maria", male "bienvenidos y bienvenidas a mas
una jornada...a Dios" and so it comes. Constant signal level, QRN,
33233 (LOB-B).

4840, India, AIR Mumbai(pres.), Mumbai; 20-Apr. Hindi 0006-0025
classic Hindu music alternating YL anmts. 0015 signal improvement
attenuating QRN, 33233 (LOB-B).

4810, India, AIR Mumbai(pres.), Bhopal; 20-Apr. Hindi 0026 Hindu music
and YL talks, 0030 time pips, YL talks, 0036 OM talks. QRN, 22232

9475, Australia, R.Australia(tent.), Shepparton; 20-Apr. English 0747
male talks sounded like outside, 0800-0810 short music, OM talks on
music maybe a ID, OM and YL talks. Tune in with a gradually signal
increase til around 0800, after declined. Poor, unreadable 23332


Lucio Otavio Bobrowiec

Embu SP Brasil - Sony ICF SW40 - dipole 18m, 32m

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