Friday, April 25, 2008

RNZI Mailbox Documentary features Contemporary radio in Fiji, Nauru and Solomon Islands

Contemporary Radio in Fiji, Nauru & Solomon Islands
RNZI Mailbox Documentary May 12

It's 20 years since the first military coup in Fiji. What does
contemporary radio in this Pacific nation sound like in 2008?

There are two main players [state owned Radio Fiji and private
Communications Fiji Ltd] both operating a series of national networks
from Suva studios, and a small handful of independent stations,
nearly all located in Suva as well.

Community radio stations in this country of 850,000 people don't
exist, and is this a consequence of military rule and fear of
grassroots media?

In the Solomon Islands, itself suffering civil tension, eight small
villages on Isabel Province have been broadcasting their own local
community programs five hours daily from 'radio in a suitcase'

Well supported by local villagers, these new community radio stations
offer a glimpse of a successful future for low tech, low cost and low
environmental impact FM radio across the Pacific.

A similar system operates on crisis torn Nauru, successfully
introduced by the University of the South Pacific and broadcasting as
Triple Nine FM.

Listen to Mailbox on RNZI on Monday May 12 as David Ricquish of the
Radio Heritage Foundation explores some of the issues, and plays
audio clips from four Fijian FM stations recently recorded in Suva.

Visit for shortwave frequencies and times, and to
download an audio on demand version of the program that will remain
available on line for four weeks from May 12.

For more information about broadcasting in Fiji, Nauru and the
Solomon Islands, visit An online version of
the program script along with images will be available later from

Full searchable lists of operating AM and shortwave radio stations in
the Pacific are available free on line in the Pacific Asian Log Radio
Guides. An FM guide will be available shortly. Visit to access the current radio guides today.

The Radio Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization connecting
the heritage of radio broadcasting and popular culture across the
Pacific. Our website is

Radio New Zealand International is the award winning shortwave
broadcaster serving the Pacific from Wellington, New Zealand since

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