Friday, April 25, 2008

[dxld] World of Radio 1405 summary

*R. Taiwan International asks listeners whether to continue on SW to
North America (via WYFR 5950, 9680)
*R. Nikkei, 6055, Japan, has bilingual with English show Saturdays 0830-0900
*Clandestines to North Korea via Darwin heard on 11775, 11690
*What`s the unID on 3370 heard in California at 1339, 1430? Trans-
Pacific, mixing product?
*Monitoring Myanmar in Europe on 5985.8, 7185.1
*Papua New Guinea on 3290, nominally R. Central, carries Karai Radio service
*Radio New Ireland, 3905, sends own QSL card to Japan
*Wantok Radio Light, PNG, after a month heard again in NZ at 0914 on 7324.96
*Mediawatch on RNZI, Sat 2110-2134 on 15720, Sun 1012-1036 on 7145
*RNZI abruptly moved from 6095 to 6170 April 16 for analog at 1300-
1550; DRM supposed to be off during this period, but heard on 7145
*WMLK, Pennsylvania has been off the air since February on 9265;
internet stream doesn`t work either. Second
transmitter never on the air yet but thinking of modifying it for DRM
*Strong signal with music on 4800 at 0845, 1000 believed to be XERTA reactivated
*Mexican National DX Meeting this year will be August 14-17 at Gómez
Palacio, Durango
*Salvdoran station on 1080, Radio CRET, heard in Guatemala on harmonic
2159.92 at 0230 [WRTH 2008 had it inactive]
*Mysterious ELCOR transmitter test from Guápiles, Costa Rica, 5954.134
variable, moved to earlier time, heard in Florida, CR at 2130-2156
*Radio Progreso, Cuba, heard 1032-1055 on 6005(?) before RHC opened on 6000
*Monitoring on PEI near Sackville indicates R. República on 6100 at
0200 is from same site as 6135 at 2200, 6155 at 0000, i.e. UK; it
overlaps with RCI 6100 at 0200-0204
*World of Radio 1405, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 or woradio at – consult for much more info
*Thanks this week for financial support from Dario Monferini, Italy
*Get your DX news while driving, Saturdays at 1730 UT when World of
Radio via WRN is on Sirius channel 140 --- unless pre-empted by
stupid ballgames
*Two different programs from Bonaire on 6165 and 6195 at 0400-0430 and
0500-0530 produce spurs on 6135, 6225
*R. Apintie, Suriname, 4990, widely reported this week at 0930, 0620,
0450, sometimes in Dutch or English
*R. Nueva Atlántida, Iquitos, Perú, reactivated on 4790, first
reported by Rafael Rodríguez, Colombia, April 18 at 2258 to 0230
sign-off; but clashes with the other Peruvian, R. Visión, Chiclayo,
around 4790.2. Atlántida slightly on the low side around 4789.6, also
at 1003
*One of the two Brazilians on 4905 heard IDing as Nossa Radio until
0258 sign-off; a slogan or name change?
*R. Cultura, São Paulo, 9615, instead distorted on 9579 variable, at
*Brazilian pirate, radio livre on 7695, Sat & Sun 0300 with 50 watts,
called Cidade Oldies, which means City Velhinhos
*R. Gazeta, São Paulo, confirmed in RGS active on 5955 and 15325 at
1900; also heard in Belgium on 15325
*Maurits Van Driessche, Belgium, also has been hearing LRA36,
Antarctica, since April 14, reactivated on 15476 between 1900 and
2100 M-F; had been off since at least January 1
*First batch of 100 QSL cards for R. Saint Helena Day, 2007,
dispatched April 12
*Benin 1566 schedule in WOR 1403 was one hour off as TWR website
showed wrong timezone; really opens at 0300 and 1700; also heard from
1835 to 2215 in Italy, mixing with India and South Korea
*Big story last week, reactivated R. Africa, Equatorial Guinea on
15190, lasted only 7 days; gone again after April 17
*Botswana publication expects Zimbabwe to attack VOA relay station to
cut off communications with Washington
*Schedule of BBC Darfur Salaam service in Arabic via Cyprus
*Radio Netherlands changes 67% of frequencies in English to South Asia
at 1400-1557, new 5830 and 9885, the latter better in Georgia than
*Radio 700, 1 kW private station in Krekel, Germany, testing 6005, and
heard OK in UK; but will have lots of co- and adjacent-channel
interference at various hours
*Radio Prague`s 2130 English to North America heard well on 11600
*R. Slovakia International`s A-08 English schedule
*Croatia closes down all MW transmitters except 1134 and 594=DRM
*24-hour SW schedule from inside Croatia
*Israel Radio finally starts streaming its classical music station,
*Islamists propose replacing GMT/UTC, a colonial relic, with Mecca
time, since Mecca is the center of the world with zero geomagnetic
declination (at the moment); if so, should be mean solar time, since
standard time was not invented until 1888. That would be a lot more
fun to convert around the world
*Eagerly-awaited EiBi shortwave schedules for A-08 season are now
available, via
*Domestic Broadcasting Survey 2008 now for sale by DSWCI; details and
sample pages at
*European Mediumwave Guide contest closes April 30, nice prizes, hard
questions: see
*Propagation outlook from Boulder issued April 22: A and K indices
peaking at 20 and 5 May 2, as solar flux declines from 75 to 70 ###

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