Saturday, April 05, 2008

Fwd: [dxld] World of Radio 1402 summary

*Israel Radio finally does it --- closes all shortwave broadcasts
except Persian; live streaming and several languages including
English, on demand at
*Galei Zahal, Israeli Defence Forces radio, remains on SW 6973 and
15785 variable, in Hebrew but lots of good music, and a
`marblemouth` DJ
*Iraq is not going on DST this year
*Iran`s new English schedule; some frequencies vary up to 2 kHz
*Aslam Javaid, Lahore, monitors the two conflicting transmissions of
Radio Solh, inside Afghanistan on 6700
*Radio Pakistan`s new English schedule, as reduced
*Sri Lanka changes its SW schedule, including English at 0030-0330 on
6005, 9770, 15745
*IBC Tamil via Germany now 0000-0100 on 7320
*All India Radio, Itanagar has been off-on-off-on 4990, at latest
report on; also Shillong 4970
*R. Thailand on 12120 ex-12095 to E North America, 0030 English, 0100-
0200 Thai --- but collides with radioteletype; moved from 12095 due
to DW Sri Lanka. Maybe they can swap
*English from Lhasa ``Holy Tibet`` schedule, but you`ll only get the
Chicom party line
*Shiokaze/Sea Breeze service about Japanese abducted by North Korea
moves to 6020 at 1400-1430, following R. Australia; some days in
*N. Korean harmonic from 4450 `jams` Narita airport Japan air traffic
communications on 8897
*V. of Mongolia`s English at 1530 on 12085 now confirmed, at least on
March 25
*Radio Madang, Papua New Guinea, 3260, sent informative QSL letter to
Mark Schiefelbein: now called NBC Madang, and NBC plans to close all
SW by 2015y
*Thanks for financial support from Harry Helms, to celebrate George W.
Bush Day, via PayPal to woradio at
*WBCQ on new 15420 April 2, but lots of interference from Deutsche
Welle via UK, UAE and later Rwanda; in clear after 2100 including
WORLD OF RADIO at 2300; but next day resumed 17495
*This season`s VOA Greenville frequency in English to Africa at 1730-
2000 is 15410, also putting excellent signal off the back to Central
North America; but depending on skip, and especially eastward,
collides with CVC Miami via Chile, already on 15410. Beams cross on
the west coast of Africa
*World of Radio on WRMI 9955 jammed by Cuba April 2 at 1130, among
many other times. If being jammed is a badge of honor, we proudly
wear it; Commies vs Okies?
*CBC Northern Quebec, 9625 well heard in Europe lately, including
Arctic local news in English weekdays at 2130-2140
*RCI A-08 English from Sackville to Europe or Africa, so also audible
back in North America: 1800-1900 on 17735; 2000-2100 on 15235, 17735;
also has new relay via Emirler, Turkey at 0100-0200 on 9620, in
exchange for Turkey via Sackville, 0300 on 7325 [which was finally in
English from April 4]
*Kai Ludwig suspects RCI self-censors its broadcasts via Japan in
Chinese, since it has large relay exchanges with China
*RCI made change from 7310 to 7325 two sesquiweeks later than planned,
so now at 1105-1405 it is blocking any possible reception in NAm of
Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea during those hours
*Last-minute plans for special DX test material on the last night of
CBA, 1070, Moncton NB, early Monday April 7 until its final closedown
at 1000 UT; see
*CBC axes North America`s last radio orchestra, the CBC Radio
Orchestra, Vancouver, another sign of disrespect for classical music
by CBC management, also dumbing down Radio 2
*Chuck Bolland hears intriguing Latin American harmonic on 3200.13
around 1030 UT; on his recording the ID sounds to us like Radio
Minuto, but stations by that name unfound on 1600, just 1500 in
Nicaragua, 1520 in Barranquilla
*Cuba extends usage of 12000 from morning to afternoon, but now
colliding with HCJB before and after 2300
*REE relay, Costa Rica, remains off frequency 5964, but 9764 corrected
to 9765, while 11815 goes off to 11814!
*VOA, RFE/RL and Radio Farda relays via Morocco all closed March 30 as
IBB withdrew from Briech site, but still in use by Morocco`s RTM,
e.g. 5980 at 0230
*Radio Oromiya, 6030 in Adama City, Ethiopia, officially launched tho
DXers have been hearing it for weeks; not to be confused with Radio
ICDI, missionary station in Central African Republic on 6030, which
is probably getting blown away by it
*V. of the Broad Masses of Eritrea on new 5955 at 0357, but is it just
for jamming?
*Radio Cairo confirmed on new 9280, English to North America at 2300-
2430, but very undermodulated; European languages concluding with
English 2115-2245 on 11550 ex-6250 to mixed reviews
*Poland`s English schedule via Germany, as corrected
*International Radio Serbia moves from 7115 to 6185 for English to
North America at 0000 and 0100, but lots of interference from 6180
and Mexico 6185; 6195 seems clear. Earlier English to Europe at 1300,
1830 and 2100 on low-power Belgrade 7200, the last two also on hi-
power Bosnian 6100
*Radio PMR, Pridnestrovye on new schedule: 6040 to NAm including
English 2200, 2245; 12135 to Europe including English 1400, 1445,
1530, 1615, all alternating with French and German. Had been 4 days a
week, now more than that?
*V. of Russia, English to NAm, was excellent via Germany on 6155, now
moved to 9480 from 0200; only 7 MHz frequency left is 7250 at 0100-
0200, then mostly on 9 and 13. North Americans may also hear 1400
broadcast to South Asia on 15660
*2008 issue of BLANDX, DX parody available just in time for April
Fool`s Day,
*New censored HFCC public schedule for A-08 is already available via:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder: flux peaking at 80 April 18-20; A &
K indices 5 & 2 April 12-21 ###

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