Tuesday, April 22, 2008

[dxld] Radio Taiwan International possible closure of broadcasts to Nth America

Hi folks,

Today on RTI's English service it was announced that RTI upper
management is thinking about closing English language SHORTWAVE
transmissions to North America. Frequencies affected are 9680 &
5950kHz in what I presume to be the 02-04UT & 07-08UT broadcasts, both
from WYFR facilities. This is a proposal only.

If listeners to these services wish for RTI to retain these shortwave
services they should contact RTI by email. The email to write to can
be found on the RTI English Internet Streaming Tuesday broadcast. At
exactly 26 minutes & 45 seconds into the feature streaming program the
email address is provided.
{It's on the we've got mail program). RTI is wondering if it's North
American listeners would prefer to listen via the Internet. The
contact person is Paula.

Here in Australia, it's the 0700UT broadcast to Nth America that
provides the best shortwave reception, so I'm very much in favour of
retaining the shortwave service to North America.

E-mail RTI today if you wish to retain this service.


Ian Baxter

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