Wednesday, April 16, 2008

shortwaves - Catch a wave ~ DX Extra Show No.4 released...

Dear shortwave listeners,

It's time for the new show, the DX Extra No.4 - a shortwave news radio
programme. In this episode we feature lovely Pan Pipes from South America.
I've opened up a new forum (bulletin board) for shortwave radio, feel free
to join!

In this show: (Apr 12th to 26th) No.4

* New A08 Broadcasting Season
* China Jams Tibetan Station.
* North Korea Jams Japan
* French Ship boarded by Pirates
* CBC upset over blocked content

Simply follow the links below to listen:

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The DX Extra website: (contains transcripts, links, forum, etc) <>


Robb Wise,


Hobart Radio International


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