Monday, April 07, 2008


**SOUTH AFRICA 7390 Channel Africa (Meyerton) *0358-0403 5 April,
EG/FR ID loop, bird call IS, 5+1 pips, opening announcements in FR
into news. (Dan Sheedy CA R75/EF102040)

9735 Channel Africa (Meyerton) *0457-0503 5 April,
local song in EG/VN, 5+1 pips, "7 AM, South Africa time", opening
announcements/ID in EG then news. Listed //7230 unheard. (Dan Sheedy
CA R75/EF102040)

**NORTH KOREA (non) 6020 Shiokaze/Sea Breeze (via Yamata) 1401-1406 4
April,Friday evening EG broadcast with URL/mailing address & "This is
the Shiokaze/Sea Breeze radio program, from Tokyo, Japan", then M
with another ID & new schedule info into "today's news on North
Korean issues" (news items from AP, Kyoto, etc.) (Dan Sheedy CA
G5/5m "vegan special" silly wire)

**SINGAPORE 6185 RSI 1305-1325 6 April, Ext. Service in CH heard well
with closing news items, clear "Xinjiapo guoyi guangbo diantai" ID,
DJ chatting then gave RSI/Chinese URL, more chat and
singing "Xinjiapo guoji guangbo diantai, R-S-I" jingles at 1317, 1319
then BM/EG pop song "My Girl", // 6000 heard fair-good with QRM from
6003. (Dan Sheedy CA R75/EF102040)

**MALAYSIA 7295 Traxx-FM (via RTM) 1336+ 6 April, "Hot Tracks" music
program with selections from new Boyz2Men compilation CD,
jingle:"Xperience the Xcitement on Traxx". (Dan Sheedy CA

**NETHERLANDS (non) 6225 RNW (Bonaire) 0505 4 April, slightly
distorted DT broadcast //6165..heard 1st on 3 April @ 0513 with the
G5 & thought to be an internal glitch, but also heard on the Icom
this night, so apparently it's not a receiver goof. Ideas? (Dan
Sheedy CA R75/EF102040)

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